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Oh, man, is that your younger brother's best friend? The guy who's funny and charming and has a nice job now? You're having a hard time reconciling your most recent crush since you heard he slept with Becky Appleman, and she's been your mortal enemy ever since she put gum in your hair in third grade. Half of the dating pool is already out because you're all friends. You already went on a few dates with him and he's an asshole.He's the same dude who stole a bottle of your parents' wine and vomited in a vase when he was 17. The "walk of shame" means walking past all your old teachers and coworkers while they're on their way to church. It's a small, close-knit community, and you see some of these people as brothers and sisters. There's no such thing as a "blind date." That cute gym teacher your friend wants to set you up with? At least you pieced together who it was beforehand and not when you showed up for dinner. But it’s a different story when it comes to the country’s lesser-known towns.In fact, the list of small Danish towns with charm and character seems almost as long as the coastline itself.If you’re staying for a while, try the nearby Wadden Sea National Park, where you can enjoy seal safaris and visits to the tiny island of Mandø.Although it’s a bit tricky to reach, and has less than 300 full-time residents, Sønderho attracts a lot of visitors.Skagen is buzzing in the summertime when big cruise ships dock here and when the traditional Skagen Festival draws a crowd in the first weekend of July.

Most visitors stay at one of the many holiday homes on the outskirts of town (try Airbnb and book ahead in summer).

From tiny fishing towns to historic hubs and attractive island capitals, there’s lots to discover beyond the major cities.

Here’s our guide to the best small towns to visit in Denmark.

Dubbed ‘the town of roses’, Mariager is a charming place that sits on the edge of the fjord with the same name (it’s the longest one in Denmark).

Halfway between the major cities of Aalborg and Aarhus, Mariager makes a perfect day trip from either of them. Well, to take relaxing strolls, to admire the pretty, half-timbered houses and to visit Denmark’s very own Saltcenter (yeah, really! Or you can jump on the vintage railway at the harbour for a scenic trip through the surrounding countryside. Its historic heart surrounded by beautiful landscapes, the coastal town of Ebeltoft is located on the Jutland peninsula of Djursland, east of Aarhus.

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