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People don't want to think that their child (or grandchild) is capable of doing certain "adult" activites at this age, but unfortunatley many are so you might want to have "the talk" with her and have her meet with her pastor (if you're religious) as well.

Most of those experiences were at my house with my parents around! My parents did not let me go "on a date" until I was 16, they had known the person for a while, they knew where I was going, who would be there, and when I was coming home.

Sex and relationships is just one big sticky problem for our young people.

Please don't allow your grand daughter to jump into a world she's too young to experience. You are so brave and compassionate to take her under your wing.

And they always let me know that if I got in a bad situation, no matter what it was, that I could call them for help and they would come and get me.

I am so thankful now that they were strict with dating.

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Unless the boy is older, then that's a whole different issue! At 12, she is beginning to feel as though she wants to do a lot of things, but in reality, she is NOT ready for it. You may want to consider allowing a young boy to come to your home and visit with her (adults at home of course) for a couple of hours when she starts 9th grade. But there is a really awesome book written for young adults by Joshua Harris called I kissed Dating Goodbye. Its a christian book written by a young man b4 he met his wife about how guys think really, what girls think and about the whole dating issues and why he decided to not get sucked into mainstream dating that our society makes our little kids think they need.