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Women from this country like from all Post Soviet Countries value family a lot and remain very traditional.

Local women are loving and caring for their families.

Moldovan women are not looking for fun, excitement, and entertainment with different men.

Their goal is to find men who they would feel comfortable, secure, protected, and happy with.

Moldova wives have a reputation for being loyal and devoted to their partners. Even Asian girls are not considered as loyal and devoted as girls from Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Moldova.

Girls from Eastern Europe are very smart and intelligent.

The second thing that comes after looking good is to be generous.

It doesn’t mean that you have to take a Moldovan woman who you’ve just met to the best restaurants, buy her clothes and give her money but at least don’t even think of splitting the bill. The same situation is in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

They spend many years to get higher education and take decent positions at work.

Such a combination of a great look, kind soul and intelligence makes local girls some of the best life partners for single Westerners. Women from Eastern Europe, in general, have a reputation of the best wives.

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Psychologists say that differences attract so it’s absolutely normal that you are interested in dating a woman from abroad.

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