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Posted by / 10-May-2020 08:31

(Christophe Ena / AP) Morocco has reaffirmed its call to Algeria — which has yet to respond to Rabat’s invitation earlier this month — to address both countries’ decades-long political issues through bilateral talks.

A UN-brokered ceasefire in 1991 mostly brought clashes between the Front and Morocco to an end.

In order to revive relations between the two countries, Morocco’s King Mohammed VI recently extended one of his warmest reconciliatory statements toward Algeria to date since the 1994 attack.

In his invitation for talks, the king described Algeria as a “sister nation,” expressing his readiness “for a direct and frank dialogue.” Morocco’s call for bilateral talks with Algeria coincide with a new UN initiative to break the Western Sahara deadlock between the Polisario Front and Rabat.

From the very beginning of the conflict between Morocco and the Front, Algeria has openly supported the latter.

Algeria sees the Sahara dispute as a "decolonisation issue” and finds "a duty of solidarity with the Sahrawi people for the exercise of their legitimate rights."But Rabat regards the Sahara as part of Moroccan territory, calling the region its southern provinces.

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