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Dating oriental rugs

The first documented evidence on the existence of carpets came from Chinese texts dating back to the Sassanid Dynasty (224 - 641 AD).

In 628 AD, the Emperor Heraclius brought back a variety of carpets from the conquest of Ctesiphon, the Sassanian capital.

After the period of domination by the Arab Caliphates, a Turkish tribe, named after their founder, Seljok conquered Persia.

Their domination (1038 - 1194 AD) was of great importance in the history of Persian carpets.

Approximately 1500 examples are preserved in various museums and in private collections worldwide.

During the reign of Shah Abbas (1587 - 1629), commerce and crafts prospered in Persia.

The carpet survived over two millennium preserved in the frozen tombs of Scythian nobles, and is now the showpiece of the Hermitage Museum of Leningrad (St. The intricacy of this rug suggests that even at this early date, the art of carpet weaving had progressed well beyond simple rugs designed for practical purposes.The Arabs also conquered Ctesiphon in 637 AD, and among the spoils brought back were said to be many carpets, one of which was the famous garden carpet, the "Springtime of Khosro".This carpet has passed into history as the most precious of all time.Their herds of sheep and goats provided them with high quality and durable wool for this purpose.In 1949 Russian archaeologists discovered the oldest known knotted carpet in the Pazyryk valley, on the Altai Mountains of Siberia.

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