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Dating macauly

But she nor Culkin ever spoke about the real reason behind their breakup. So, with all the women he’s openly dated, it does not seem that the actor is gay.

Without confirmation from the actor himself, it’s safe to debunk any of these rumors at this time.

Interest in Macaulay Culkin’s sexual orientation peaked on April 24, 2018.

Google Trends recorded an increase in search volume related to search-phrases like, “Macaulay Culkin gay,” “Macaulay Culkin married,” and “Macaulay Culkin dating.” It seems his appearance on .

But distance didn’t seem to come in the way of their eight-year-long relationship.

They broke up in 2011, just when wedding rumors began to swirl around them.

Culkin and Kunis kept their relationship fairly private. He’s long outgrown his ‘90s child acting days (*sobs*).And like with many other celebs, people want to dig into his personal life, including Macaulay Culkin’s sexuality and dating life.He was touring and performing with The Pizza Underground in 2014.Many brushed it off as an act the two singers put on for the stage.

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