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Dating love newest

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Sixteen years after Ben let his and Andie’s love fern die, “houseplanting” is officially a dating trend. And as millennials are reaching an age when houseplants seem cool and they are trying to figure out how to keep one alive, this couldn’t be more relevant. Related: Candace Bushnell Explains ‘Cubbing’ and Why Instagram Might Be the Best Dating App We’ve all been houseplanted, but we never had a name for it. When it comes to dating, houseplanting is “neglecting the person that you are dating and not giving them nurturance and attention so the relationship can grow,” Dr. A plant is higher maintenance,” just like a serious relationship.

The term was applied to dating last week when well-known Instagram illustrator Samantha Rothenberg used the idea for a post. Because you haven’t paid attention to me in weeks and I think I’m dying,” a cartoon woman holding a wilting plant says in her comic. “It’s why singles often joke that they will give a potential date a plant or ‘love fern’ to see if they are ready for a long-term relationship,” she says.

“Relationships do require effort and work so if it’s just a jump in the hay you want, you won’t need to water and care for it!

Watering them occasionally, and not treating a person like a human with feelings and needs. Sherman thinks houseplanting is more common these days because our “poor dating behavior” has escalated.

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People seriously identified with this new way to think of the not-quite-ghosting dating phenomenon. “If the plant dies, so will the relationship.” Or, as Andie pondered, “You let it die. ”Dating and life coach Julie Melillo agrees, and worries about this trend putting down roots (lol). You can easily swap one plant for another.”Online dating profile writer Eric Resnick breaks down the behavior of a neglectful gardener.

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