Dating in dar es salaam tanzania Mature erotic private chat

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Dating in dar es salaam tanzania

Her journey into such a lifestyle dates back 3 years ago after she came to Dar es Salaam to pursue a university degree.

Hailing from Arusha, Aida didn’t have any next of kin in the city.

Such men are popularly referred to as ‘sponsors’ – a term that’s synonymous to “Sugar daddy”. Some have garnered the nickname “Slay Queens” - meaning they stunt on the gram by showing how luxurious their life is, often times posting photos or videos to attract potential “sponsors”.“Men only want one thing from us [women]. In return they are willing to give us anything we ask for.

At times the relationship can last for years, and other times it can be as short-lived as a week,” she says.

Aida, who was then in her second year, encountered some family problems so she had to go back to Arusha.

These men, who more often than not fall prey to strategic traps set for them by women on the loop, at times are married with families of their own.

The relationship therefore is covert, lest they risk losing everything once things are put out in the open.

She decided to postpone her studies, planning to resume once everything was settled back at home.

Upon her return to the city, Aida decided university life was not for her.

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The centre also encourages girls to speak up if they become victims of any form of unwarranted sexual advances.

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