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Netflix’s Dating Around feels more raw, intimate, and real than most reality shows that feature dates between strangers.

The show is unscripted, reality television, with five very real blind dates. Will there be a reunion episode to see if any of the couples are still together? Read on for answers, thanks to Lex Liang, who’s the subject of the third episode and talked to Time magazine, where he offers behind-the-scenes insights.

After all, it’s not very realistic to wear the same clothes and sit at the same table five nights in a row. Review: Netflix’s Dating Around has romance, clever editing, and more than just straight white guys Showrunner Alycia Rossiter told Vulture that “we had to go find people because they didn’t answer the ads.

We wanted to stay in those moments.”Eureka Productions’ Chris Culvenor told Vulture that in casting, producers “really wanted to look for people who wouldn’t go on shows like this,” and applied the same mentality to staffing the production:“…that’s a brush that we painted across every aspect of the show.

Even the directors were people who came from more scripted and cinematic background.

Editing in a very nonlinear way — telling a compelling story that made sense while also jumping across five timelines — was really challenging.

We were lucky to have an amazing post-production team to help figure out this fantastic jigsaw of all these amazing moments and connections and awkward encounters that have to be pieced together to create a seamless dreamscape of a night.”Yep.

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It’s quite refreshing, and this show makes it clear that they’re not always necessary. Culvenor told Vulture, “That was a real credit to Netflix for trusting us.

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