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According to Elicia Miller, Founder of Core Emotional Healing, it’s important to distinguish the difference between having a traumatic trigger and feeling upset.

An emotional trigger means that something or someone has reminded a survivor of trauma from their past that is unresolved.

This exercise helps you to be present, and feel grounded.

There’s a distinction between being supportive and smothering a survivor with attention.

When it comes to being a loving partner or friend, Goerlich says it’s often best to “follow the survivor’s lead,” because someone who has survived a trauma has had their sense of control stripped from them.Stefani Goerlich, LCSW, a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, says that one of her favorite techniques to combat trauma responses is called the 5-4-3-2-1.The exercise entails looking for five things you can see in the area around you, things as simple as ‘I see a leaf on the ground.’ Then, you identify four things you can touch, listen for three things you can hear in the outside world, two things you can smell, and one positive affirmation for yourself.It turns out, there are many ways to ease the blow of trauma, according to the survivors and experts spoke with.One of the most important things you can do for survivors is let them know that it's okay to be having a hard time and to need to take the space to heal, according to Alicia Raimundo, an online mental health counselor.

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“These small acts of physical touch could be so triggering, and that level of control that he allows me to have is beyond helpful.”Some survivors may know and ask for those specific things you can do to help them.