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Dating crazy women

And they have personalities like any other smart animal does. There's a pretty good chance she comes from a family of cat people.

EXASPERATED, he told me; WHAT’S THE POINT OF DATING GIRLS IF I CAN’T FIND ONE THAT FITS? On the bright side, if you do, she will learn early that you are a regulation schmuck and won't want you around her cat. Only instead of leaning on each other to survive the vast Alaskan wilderness, they're sitting on the couch together on Saturday night watching . Just remember that the bond between a girl and her cat is a special and unique bond. Um, how come nobody rips on dog lovers for buying the fancy kibble? Not like the old hag who sits in front of your local Shop Rite with aluminum foil on her head. If you liked her before you knew she had a cat, there's no reason to assume anything about her once you've learned she has one. The relationship between a girl and her cat is like the one between a man and his dog in a Jack London story. Because, let's face it, cats are often more emotionally intelligent than men. So don't act like her cat is just some lump of fur that lies on the futon all day. Never, ever comment on how she spends too much money on the "fancy" cat food. And don't ever try to minimize a medical problem that her cat is having. A good rule of thumb is usually: If she laughs, you can laugh. Or at least cat ladies who didn't allow the men to have an opinion, which is really the best kind of cat lady. We all start out pretty normal when first dating a new guy. Whether he's ignoring your text or going on some boys' trip without telling you, your banter is typical girl-to-girl stuff. Faking a text can be harmless, but faking a phone call is borderline nutty.Your heart flutters when that hotline blings and your hand seems out of place when it's not in his. Still, that doesn't stop you from putting on an Academy Award-winning dramatic scene.

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There’s always that stage where everything seems perfect, and that’s always what happens in the first part of the relationship.