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For more on romantic relationships and sexual experience, see Demographics: Sexual Health. Entering the world of relationships almost inevitably leads to the emotionally vulnerable experience of breaking up.For youth who are more sensitive to rejection, breaking up can trigger a dive into self-doubt and despair.Young people value the support, trust, and closeness they experience in romantic relationships.In fact, teens have more conflicts with their parents and peers than with romantic partners, though conflict within romantic relationships increases with age.In adolescence, when relationships are new, young people's experiences are shaped in part by family and peers. Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology, 44, 204-219. The level of closeness and support adolescents have experienced with their parents and siblings influences the quality of their romantic relationships. Parent and peer predictors of physical aggression and conflict management in romantic relationships in early adulthood. doi:10.1080/15374416.2014.982756 Mustanski, B., Birkett, M., Greene, G.

While many adolescents meet their romantic partners in school, sexual minority youth are less likely to find these social circles at school, given the level of discrimination they experience as well as the small numbers of youth who have come out.Low-quality relationships that are characterized by a lack of trust, constant conflict, and dating violence can also leave young people prey to depression and anxiety.Pre-teen dating, especially for girls and especially when sex is involved, is associated with depression.The average duration of adolescent romantic relationships increases throughout the teen years. Envisioning an America without sexual orientation inequities in adolescent health.By age 16 youth report that relationships typically last for six months, and by 18 relationships often last a year or more, with black teens sustaining longer relationships than other racial or ethnic groups. Future directions in research on sexual minority adolescent mental, behavioral, and sexual health. American Journal of Public Health, 104(2), 218-225.

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Parental divorce alters young people's views of commitment and the level of intimacy they experience in their own relationships.

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