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Sporting “lightning P” knobs like all other Peavey guitars and basses of the time, the T-20 had a (less-complicated) “tone compensated volume control” and a “wide-range tone control”.

The T-20ish configuration of the Fury would last until sometime in 1986.The August 1, 1983 price noted that the T-20 now came in several finishes, including Natural with a maple neck (a rosewood fretboard was a upgrade), as well as what would turn out to be a fairly-rare T-20FL fretless version, the rosewood fretboard of which had dot markers and “sissy lines” for reference.Two new attractive metallic colors, Sun Fire Red or Frost Blue (seen on the T-20 in the inset photo) were also cited on the same price list.Their pickups had a unique system that converted the output from humbucking to single-coil.Marketed with founder Hartley Peavey’s mantra of “quality products for working musicians at fair prices” in mind, the T-60 and T-40 were an instant success.

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The T-40 had a 20-fret neck, while the T-45 had a 21-fret neck.

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