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Dating a medical school student

Sometimes those date nights are just a movie, or just dinner at a favorite restaurant. Sometimes it is a walk in the park or a drive in the country.

The activity is less important than the time we spend together.

Our date nights are exactly what I need to rejuvenate my studying, my drive for success and my marriage.

There have been plenty of instances where we did have miscommunication issues, and the first year of medical school did put some strain on our relationship.

As a tour guide on interview days for my school, the most frequent question I am asked is: “What’s it like to be married — or to pursue a relationship — while in medical school? More than a year ago, I was asking the same question to medical students I met during my interview days, apprehensive about how school would affect or change my relationship with my husband.

It is a valid concern: when something we’ve worked so hard to achieve seems all-consuming, how is it possible to still be a human being with outside interests, including a healthy relationship, when those relationships also take considerable time and focus? A tremendous help was keeping an up-to-date calendar.

This designated date night also gives me something to look forward to — a welcome reprieve during difficult weeks.We keep it in our hallway, where I write my exam schedule and any other school-related activities and commitments so that my responsibilities and free time are clearly communicated.Every Friday night is our designated “date night,” by my husband’s request.No matter the activity, while on date night I try to keep two promises to myself: no cell phone, and no talking about school.This is not a perfect system, but when issues come up, we adjust.

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If your partner is a doctor or medical student, prepare yourself for dozens — possibly hundreds — of conversations about their career.

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