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I enjoy the recap of the show...the use of the F-bomb every other sentence really necessary?It just shown that the writer does not have a very complete command of the English language. I figure they gave it to Tombstone because he’d throw a fit if he didn’t get the win.Heck, full-body spinners aren't really cutting the mustard in the Battlebox, if you get my gist. I think the team for Cobalt would have had a chance if they hadn't gotten so unlucky as to getting stuck in their battle with duck (hey, I rhymed! Don’t miss the all new, Botastic, 2019 Battle Bots!Please follow us on Facebook, You Tube, Instagram, Twitter and Twitch where we have exclusive content, breaking news, more info on the new season and more! I mean, there's been many surprises this season... The results were as clear as day the moment this fight was announced.I've loved battle bots since I played robot rage online when I was in fourth grade.Really makes me happy that nobody on here is calling me a nerd or anything.

Thank you for joining us from over 100 countries to celebrate life together.We can honestly say that our 26th edition has been one of the most magical ones to date.Thank you, artists, for the music, thank you, crew members, for making our dreams possible and thank you Party Animals for sharing your love and happiness with us.» Find out where Battle Bots is broadcasting in your country. If it was to be a distraction, it should have been flying in front of the other team's faces instead of around the other bot. And shame on the people in charge of matchups for giving Witch Doctor a bunch of cupcake matches for the regular season. Please take a moment out of your busy days to say thank you to Lincoln Electric. Sadly won't be able to watch this live, but I'll enjoy it once I can watch it.Battle Bots would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to our incredible group of sponsors without whom the show could not take place. That little torch does nothing What a piece of garbage, year in and out. It’s easy to go 4-0 when 2 of your opponents basically knock themselves out on a regular basis. Lincoln has been helping Battle Bots and the Bot Builders for nearly 20 years. My predictions are: Minotaur shattering Shatter now that the drum is working.

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» Learn more about our current sponsors or becoming a future one Last episode they showed highlights from many unaired fights. Kudos to team Bronco for finding a way to get Huge airborn! If the producers assign a battle, is a team obligated to participate? Without them, bots could scarcely fight more than one fight. I feel so sorry for Kraken because it's about to be destroyed by SOW.