Consolidating police fire departments

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Consolidating police fire departments

More than three dozen articles — gleaned from decades of experience serving departments across America — cover communication, change, diversity, career considerations, finances, goal setting, leadership, performance, planning, training, and trust.

Most challenges involve a complex mix of vision and mission, operating policies and procedures, higher expectations by the public, increasing regulatory mandates, and sometimes decreasing revenues.Mc Grath's full repertoire of management assessment tools and training materials are used by a multi disciplinary team of consultants, each of whom possess decades of experience.This entertaining book will challenge and inspire you to become a better leader.Now, two communities in Southern Vermont are looking at consolidating police, fire and rescue services.About 18 months ago, members of the Manchester and Dorset selectboards met, along with their counterparts from Manchester Village, to discuss ways of consolidating how they provide police, fire department and rescue squad services.

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"I would add to that a third leg of the stool [is] is the growing complexity and cost of providing the kinds and levels of service that citizens are expecting out of public safety services,” Jeffrey says.

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