Consequences of online dating

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Discussing like-minded ideas or how in the world sharks have, basically, two penises (all hail #Shark Week) makes life less lonely. But keep in mind that meeting in-person is a different ball game.I won’t deliver a "mommy talk," but seriously, meet in a public place during business hours. Loosing a partner is the absolute worst, but it’s not the end. Taking the first leap and connecting with someone different helps you let go of your dependency on the familiar.For example, receiving positive messages over a consistent time period can definitely increase one’s self esteem.

But, Tinder gave me an occasional friend to talk to.

There will be a lot of witnesses, if you know what I mean. It pushes you to sophisticate your social skills, allowing you to continue discovering what you like or don’t like.

You get to slow down and methodically observe how you interact with your love interest.

And, if he sees my profile, he’s judging me as well, processing all the different characteristics I could posses.

I can attest to this entire process because I’ve done it. Here are a few reasons why: Whether it's 4 am or 12 pm, making a connection with someone can happen instantaneously.

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Your pain is so intense even Kanye West’s recent adaption of “Bohemian Rhapsody” (blessings to Adam Lambert for assisting the recovery) leaves you absent of laughter.

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