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So I don't know what game he is playing, he may just be desperate for work all of a sudden. There was a point when all of this weird fanfrau shit was getting tagged and banned like soaps and ponies and Anderfans. Let me correct something for YOU: Gale is bi, has been with both men and women. I used to know his boyfriend back in the day when Gale lived in SF, pre-Queer as Folk. I don't actually care if Scott's gay or straight (though less than 100% straight would be more interesting). Why do you bitches continue to insist that Gale was rarely seen with other women? That's a neat trick if he can be in Hawaii and Iowa on the same date. They are all atwitter about it there, debating whether it is true or not.Michelle Clunie was at a Prop 8 rally a few months ago in Fresno, declaring how we must get equal rights, etc. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to be working nearly as much as I thought he would since the show ended. He's barely ever seen or talked about by the press, so how would you know who he is seen with at all? and I love in Buffy's season 7, his character was referenced as having "gone to Toronto and come out of the closet" (Toronto being where QAF was filmed, not where it took place). Then again, they are all excited about some straight to video horror movie that Gale is going to be in, now that he's out on Desperate Housewives.He did volunteer with that Gay youth group in Vancouver and did so publicly.

In 2000, came here big break where she landed the role of Melanie Marcus - though much apprehension surrounded the role and the show in it's entirity, Clunie was thrilled to be doing something that made a difference and fell in love with the storyline instantly.Born in Portland Oregon, Clunie's first ever acting experience was actually in 5th grade, where she played the lead role in Cinderrabbit - the rabbit version of the timeless fairytale.Her talents extend to ballet dancing which she earned a scholarship to The Academy of Professional Ballet and worked for The Keith Martin ballet company.We share hosting of meetings of the Spittalfield and District Active Recreation sports hub and Spittalfield and District Community Council with other halls in the district (Caputh, Meikleour, Murthly, Spittalfield).Other regular hall events include table top sales in Spring and late Summer, and the annual fundraiser ceilidh in February.

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Discover, how much money does Jim's have in this year. Jim was born on September 4, 1933 in Kirkcaldy, Scotland. Jim Clunie's primary income source is being a successful Soccer Player. Jim Clunie is included in the list of old famous Soccer Player.

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