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Les Enluminures “Cycles of Life” will detail how rings like sculpture, painting, and manuscript illumination are expressive of the culture of their time, while referencing the enduring allure of certain styles and settings, gems and cutting techniques.

Moreover, the exhibition will explore the distinctive role of rings as the most personal forms of jewelry, by shedding greater insight about the beliefs, sentiments, status, and practices of their former owners.

AD, Marble, portrait head of a man, Roman, TEFAF 2015 Classical Antiquities . The ring comes with a secret compartment that contained an opiate in some form.It’s a dealer’s dream come true at every imaginable level–the quality of diamonds, precious colored stones, and Jewish marriage rings offered are superb, as are the accompanying provenances.I have known Benjamin Zucker for a long time, and I have always admired his exquisite taste as a collector, as well as his acute intelligence. TEFAF 2015 Classical Antiquities (13-22 March 2015) Provenance: Private collection, France, acquired in 1996; Thereafter London, Bonham’s Antiquities, 26 October 2007, lot 183 Literature: Bonham’s Antiquities, London, 26 October 2007, lot 183 ill. Rather than presented chronologically; the rings will be displayed in sections organized according to timeless themes that form the cycles of life: birth, love, betrothal, marriage, mourning, and death. Les Enluminures As the only type of jewelry worn continuously through the ages, finger rings have held many ceremonial facets and functions throughout history.

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The number of vessels made from glass remained limited, however, until the introduction of two important technical advances—the use of the blowpipe and closed multipart molds—in the late first century B. The exhibition is made possible by Diane Carol Brandt, The Vlachos Family Fund, and The David Berg Foundation.

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