Church clergy dating member

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Church clergy dating member

The ordination of a priest, when it finally arrives after years of preparation and after further months or years of functioning as a deacon, is a very grand occasion, and deeply emotional for everyone, especially the candidate.

At its centre is a moment when you, the candidate, kneel in front of the bishop, who places his hands upon your head, and prays that you will receive the appropriate gifts of God’s Holy Spirit.

The young boy, sleeping in a religious shrine, hears someone calling his name.Then your deacon’s stole is removed, and replaced in the fashion of a priest (draped around the neck, the two ends hanging vertically).A Bible, and the vessels of Holy Communion are symbolically given to you; and, in some places you are also robed in a “chasuble” (see image, left).This is only the beginning of a careful screening process.The bishop has a team of advisers who will meet with potential candidates and explore each candidate’s spiritual journey, his or her prayer life and sense of vocation.

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