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There's definitely a line that shouldn't be crossed and I was appalled," she said.In April, when administrators at Harvard became aware of the type of content being shared, they reached out to the students and asked for an explanation.Harvard has revoked at least 10 prospective students' acceptance letters after it was discovered that the students shared racist and sexually explicit memes via a private Facebook group chat.The group chat, which was at one point named "Harvard Memes for Horny Bourgeois Teens," was formed in December of last year as an offshoot of the main Harvard Class of 2021 Facebook Group, the reported.Some Yale students splintered off and formed a group called Yale Buckley Memes for Alt-Right Teens after Emmett and other admins took down "edgier" memes that had been posted in the main group, Emmett said.But the Alt-Right Teens group appears to be, mostly, just a parody.Caroline Najjar, a journalist at The Tab got a hold of screenshots of the offensive memes and was horrified by what she saw."The memes were obviously egregious and there's no excuse.

That said, he would be quick to remove anything that's blatantly racist or advocating a crime, he said."Harvard has shown that it's committed to pursuing an inclusive and respectful environment for people of all identities by banning these students," he said."I can't imagine people casually having conversations of the sort in the dining halls or anywhere public on campus.Yet maintaining order in a large public meme group can be challenging.Many admins said that they had seen smaller groups splinter off based on decisions to keep or ban certain types of content.

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The stated mission of the meme group is to "promote meme diversity" and "provide a forum for Yale students to consider and examine a range of memes to which they are rarely exposed.", "there's a fine line between 'edgy' memes and blatant racism/sexism/everything too far.