Cesium dating sediments

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Herein, the fabrication of a lead-free cesium germanium halide perovskite produced via a simple solvothermal process is reported for the first time.

By tuning the composition of the Cs Ge X₃ quantum rods, a power conversion efficiency of 4.92% under AM 1.5 G was achieved. High quality small-bandgap hybrid perovskites (AMX₃ with M = Pb₁₋ₓSnₓ) are pivotal for all-perovskite multi-junction photovoltaics.

Another source of ¹³⁷Cs inflow is Black Sea water throu ......

The complexation behavior between 2-pyrone-4,6-dicarboxylic acid (PDC) and alkali metal ions was systematically estimated.

As a consequence, the effects of water on formamidinium and cesium perovskite ......Results show that the SAXS intensity profiles of the brush appears to be “insensitive” to the concentration of Na⁺. With the use of an in situ and static method for gamma-ray measurements, levels of radioactive cesium 137 on shallow rugged reefs which lie between 37.3° N and 37.4° N, from the coastline of Fukushima to 141.06° E, at a depth of around 10 m were surveyed for the first time from May 2016 to December 2017.To confirm the contact between the detector and a surface of rock, we used a fact that potassi ......The bandgap of these alloys significantly deviates from the linear interpolation between the bandgaps of APb I₃ and ASn I₃ for all A-site cations examined thus far.This non-linearity of the bandgap with composition is referred to as bandgap bowing. Soil amendments with zeolite and vermiculite were expected to prevent radiocaesium (137Cs) dissolution and uptake from the soil by plants.

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