Can jews dating non jews

Posted by / 30-Apr-2020 00:34

I'm trying to feel differently here, and not entirely succeeding.Idiots will never stop being idiots just because a no-idiots sign is posted.The young jewish singles seem to really flocked to jdate.I realize that online dating is pretty mainstream now, but there is still some stigma attached.When I was on it, I got A LOT of email from 30 something guys who had committed their lives to surfing and smoking pot.Nice enough guys, but not exactly what I'm looking for.

As for the OP: I'm Jewish, and don't think there's anything wrong with non-Jews using J-date. There are Hasidic dudes looking for a woman to have 10 kids with.

There are guys like me who just seem to get along with other Jews.

There are non-Jews who like Jews for whatever reasons. Just be clear about who you are non-Jew, atheist or whatever and see what happens.

I've had non-Jewish friends tell me things like "My mom always liked Jewish people It honestly never occurred to me until I read your question that they might be there just because they liked the site. I found myself avoiding women who did that even if it sounded like I was what they were looking for just because it made them seem either too judgy or in possession of "too much baggage.

So you might want to spell that out in addition to your not being Jewish if you do join. If a man joined Kdate because he 'liked Asians' I'd be repulsed.

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Also, far too many married men whose marriages were "totally over" except for you know legally and they still lived together and the kids and oh the wife doesn't know this yet.