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Caction ratio dating

The other was an active, energetic man, under mid- dle age, well made, with dark hair, heav}' brows, and sharp, restless, black ej'cs.His manner was not rude, but brisk and a little imperious, and he spoke always in a bold, con- fident tone, from which no appeal might be taken.The two gentlemen were nmch togetlicr, and seemed to take no little interest in each other, although I could not discover that any topic was ever broached between tlicni on LIDERALISM AND THE CUUECH. Their con- versation, or rather their disenssion, attracted me as a listener, at first as drawing- oft' my thoughts from myself, and after- wards by the interest it awakened in the subjects on which it chiefly turned, and I seldom failed to hear it.Other guests seemed as much atti-acted as myself, and whenever we saw them seated under the shade of the old maple-trees left standing near our hotel, we formed a ring around them, and sat and listened in silence.

as well say he who kills fat oxen should himself be fat.' I have always thought differently.

The church, if herself t LIBERALISM AND THE CHOECH.

movable or progressive, could not aid either social or indi- vidual progress ; she would simply change with the changes- going on around her, and could neither aid nor control them." " But, Keverend Father, you overlook the fact that it is precisely in herself that progress is most needed.

I cannot say much for the waters, but the journey I was forced to make, the change of scenery, the pure mountain air, and the intellectual and intelligent company I found liad their effect, and, after an absence of a few months, I returned to my home completely renovated in body, and with m^- mind engaged witli a subject not un- likely to occupy the rest of my life.

My real com- plaint was, that I had nothing to do, or to take up my at- tention ; so, as I said, ray pliysicians ordered me to try the waters of the new spa.

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The Conversa- tions turn on questions of the day and the hour, and taken as a whole they form a passable defence of the church against the objections urged in the name of liberalism and progress, or so-called modern civilization.