Bsd updating packages

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Bsd updating packages

All supported versions of Free BSD now contain /usr/sbin/pkg a.k.a .This is a small placeholder that has just the minimum functionality required to install the real pkg(8). pkg(7) will intercept the command, and if you confirm that is your intention, download the pkg(8) tarball, install pkg(8) from it, bootstrap the local package database and then proceed to run the command you originally requested.pkg package format is a tar archive which can be raw, or use the following compression: gz, bzip2 and xz, defaulting in xz format.The tar itself is composed in two types of elements: This is a subset of the information included in the main MANIFEST, omitting the lists of files, checksums, directories and scripts.Cirrus CI: (Linux, OSX, Free BSD): pkg is built on top of libpkg, a new library to interface with package registration backends.It abstracts package management details such as registration, remote repositories, package creation, updating, etc.You can also install the package foo-1.2.3 tarball from a remote location using the FTP/HTTP protocol.In order to do that you could use a command similar to the following: Which works in exactly the same way, except that it fetches the package tarballs using the protocol indicated by the URL.

It also allows finding the reverse dependencies reliably without a needing the REQUIRED_BY hack.It will compute the proper update order and apply them.will remove a package, and (depending on the command line arguments) any other packages that depend on what you're trying to delete.Directory leftovers are automatically removed if they are empty and not in the MTREE.There are three ways to install pkg: two for general day-to-day use, and the third if you want to help with pkg development.

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If only a package name is given, it will search the repository catalogues and download and install the package if it exists.

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