Britney and justin dating

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Britney and justin dating

And she captioned it: “My baby’s birthday.” Since then, the pair have been posting about each other much more frequently since April, with Britney sharing pictures of videos of the couple during the dates and fun pool sessions.Then Britney showed her love for her man by performing a raunchy dance for him and planting a smacker on his lips during a special segment of her concert in Taiwan in June 2017.Sam starred in Britney's raunchy music video Slumber Party, playing the singer's love interest.In clips from the video, the two stare at each other over a dinner table, which Britney crawls across in a skimpy outfit and over the knee boots, before licking split milk from in front of Sam.

DURING Britney Spears' conservatorship ordeal earlier this year, it seemed the only person she could truly rely on was her longtime boyfriend Sam Ashgari.The saga of Timberlake and Spears is one of the biggest in pop music, with their lives and careers deeply enmeshed in one another's during their formative years. The effortless charm they seemed to ooze when they gave interviews or appeared in photos together? In real life, Timberlake and Spears were serious #Couple Goals; definitely replicated the intensity of their young love with great aplomb.Spears and Timberlake were an iconic celebrity couple. But when it came to shedding some light on what actually broke up Spears and Timberlake, the Lifetime movie may have stumbled a little bit.Shortly after a fight in the dressing room over a piece of fan mail, Justin had had enough. Well, as the movie didn't have Spears' input, it's unlikely it captured her breakup in perfect detail.At the end of the movie, the network aired this disclaimer: "Although based on a true story, some characters are fictionalized composites, and some events have been compressed, reorganized, or fictionalized for purposes of dramatization.

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Bustle reached out to Timberlake and Spears' reps about their thoughts on the film in general and to Lifetime about the film's accuracy but did not hear back.

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