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He along with his childhood friends Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith, and Brent Wilson formed “Panic! They were still in high school when they recorded their demo.

Brendon initiated his music career since his high school days.

Walker: I slept with Ryan in a twin bed less than two months ago! So it would have to start from something I felt very strongly about. You'll be here in a couple months, with Foxy Shazam, right? We actually were working with [Foxy Shazam producer] John Feldmann around the same time. So yeah, when I wrote a song, it would have to be from something I was really excited about, or a melody that's been haunting me for weeks, or a message I wanted to convey lyrically. BU: No, but we hung out with them and talked for a little bit. I think of you as Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode finding out that Martin Gore was leaving the band. So I try to immediately get rid of that, let it dissipate before I even start, because that will start dictating the way the song is written, and I definitely wouldn't want to compromise my ideas for any anxiety. BE: I saw them at Lollapalooza last year, and they tore the stage down. Eric [Sean Nally, Foxy Shazam lead singer] is such an amazing front man. BE: So the part-time songwriter just inherited the reins of the band he fronts. ) It's dangerous, that type of thinking, thinking of the implications, and what other people will think of what you're doing.

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"This song is so cool, we have to use this." And finally we did, and I'm so glad that we took the time to wait, because we probably wouldn't have finished it with a chorus and a bridge and everything. We weren't writing it with the exclamation mark, so it was just a shrug-of-the-shoulders decision of, "I don't think we need to put it on there.