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Experience has taught me, however, that the exact opposite often proves to be true.What this does mean is that you have a partner who knows how to enjoy his or herself during sex -- should make it better for the both of you.Growing up, I had plenty of friends and spent plenty of time playing and hanging out with them. I remember that most of the time after school, I’d just go home and stay home.I would still want to play and mess around, but I had sisters.This will of course vary depending on upbringing and, of course, bodily chemistry, but think about it; if you don’t have any brothers, you’re more likely to get time alone…And what do we like to do when we’re alone and hit puberty? I always imagined women experimenting with masturbation and sex at a much later age than men.

Then you have those parent-child relationships that are way too close for comfort.

Or rather, their first attempts at friendship are with their parents.

Some parents get along incredibly well with their children, building strong bonds and a healthy level of trust. I dated an only child, who had a great relationship with her father but a horrible one with her mother.

This gets tricky as only children likewise like their personal space.

This is why you will often find only children harder to get close to, to convince to open up.

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People are very particular with how much time they want to spend with the person they are seeing.

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