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Backdating healthcare provider contracts

If the beneficiary waited to enroll in Part B because they had health insurance while volunteering outside of the U. for a tax exempt organization for at least a year, the beneficiary can enroll during the 6-month period that begins the first month that any one of the following happens: Beneficiaries are responsible for the “excess charge”.An excess charge is any amount above the allowable charge.The file goes to CMS on the 24th or 25th of each month.CMS processes the file and responds the 5th of the following month on the acceptance or rejection of the individual records.

Medicare beneficiaries are eligible for State buy-in or buy-out depending on their income.

The processing period begins the day after the application date and ends on the date that the decision letter is mailed.

For the application to be timely, the letter must be mailed within the processing time frame.

This 15% balance billing amount applies to providers who have a written contract with the Medicare Private Fee-for-Service Plan or who have met certain company conditions.

AHCCCS Medical Assistance is a joint Federal and State program that helps pay medical costs for beneficiaries with limited income and resources.

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For example, a person may get coverage for nursing home and home health care.