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Back dating housing benefit

We may need to ask you for more information to make a decision based on what you have told us.

If we refuse your claim for backdating, we will write to you to explain our decision and give you details of what to do if you disagree with our decision.

You need to tell us the period you want it backdated for and give full details of why your claim was late.

We will look at your reason for wanting your claim to be backdated and we will write to you with our decision.

To request backdating either: If you forgot to claim or did not know you could claim this would not be a good reason on its own.

If you are a working age customer, we cannot backdate your claim. We also have a discretionary payment scheme for backdated awards of Council Tax Reduction.

These will only be granted in extreme circumstances.

If you have reached the qualifying age for State Pension Credits we can backdate your Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Support claim for up to three months before the date when you made your claim, as long as you would have been entitled.

In these cases the three month backdating will happen automatically, but we will need to see proof of your income, savings, and rent where applicable, for that period when you make your claim.

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You should apply for housing benefit and / or council tax support as soon as you can.

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