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I did submerge the whole unit into a cup of water with no ill effects, although you will need to make sure to shake out some water near the USB port. This is locked and unlocked through the metal ring which you lift and twist to unlock.This applies pressure to a rubber gasket internally which keeps water out from the battery compartment.While they’re not really targeted at the average consumer, consisting only of a monochrome LCD and a very limited base map, they found favour with hikers, bushwalkers and geocachers amongst others.Part of the reason for this was their rugged build, simple and reliable operation, and high sensitivity GPS chipset. It’s been around for a long time, so much so that even EEVblog’s Dave did a video on them.Recognizing this unit is used predominantly by geocachers, it contains geocache specific displays which can show the difficulty, size and cache description if loaded correctly.By going paperless, they hope to help the environment.

Then, it just so happened that I was looking for a standalone GPS GLONASS solution only to realize modules and receivers supporting both constellations were very expensive.

That led me to discover the refreshed series of e Trex GPSes – the 10, 20 and 30.

The 10 is the most basic unit and takes over the original e Trex and e Trex H’s position in the market, with a monochrome screen, simple basemap and a similar price hovering around AU0.

Instead, Garmin have provided a lanyard loop hook on the bottom of the GPS unit.

From the sides, the GPS unit has a nice curve and contour to it that fits well into the hand.

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