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Although having split with her former partner in 2010, she admitted she has to be ‘grownup’ about their past and put her feelings to one side for their little girl. We don’t see each other as much but you have to be grownup about these things.’David is married and lives near here. David pays the school fees and for a nanny but I pay the rest.’I’ve always been independent and financially supported myself since I was 16.

It’s meant that I can be in relationships, or not be in them, because of love rather than need.’ While her ex has since moved on with a new love, Anna has yet to find that special someone seven years after her nearly decade-long romance ended and explained that dating in her forties isn’t ‘at all romantic’. It’s not at all romantic, it’s more; “let’s see how this goes.”‘ While a relationship is on the back burner, the devoted mum admitted that being a mother has been the greatest gift and revealed that she has turned down work so she can keep their family unit together. ‘My agents would love me to go back there [to America] but you choose a career in America or you take your child away from their father.

She said: “I have dated many men in my past but no one like David."They're flawed human beings, which is a joy to watch and to be a part of... "Because that's human life, people are full of contradictions and all sorts of things."It's nice to see three women that are incredibly complex and find themselves in completely different circumstances and situations and it's how they deal with the problems that arise, that makes it really fascinating."While initially show the husbands as less than sympathetic, Anna Friel encouraged viewers to keep an open mind as it progresses."This is really important, it's not a man-bashing piece," she stressed.There was something about him that made me feel ‘yes he is the one’.” “I have a daughter with him and Gracie is itself a living proof that David and I really loved each other,” she admitted.“No matter how many people I date, David will always be the first person who I have poured my heart into.

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She kept searching for her soul mate and finally she met Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix in 1999.