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They have been raucous and fun, a whirlwind carnival of romance and rejection.

Our first event attracted fifty people to a pizzeria in Berkeley.

Holding a speed dating event where men only talked to women would be way too limiting for this crowd.

Which meant we needed to get people’s gender and attractions, and match them based on those.

I have come to realize that what matters most is the heart and the mind everything else is superficial and fake. I am also realizing more what I need from personal relationships more than what is wanted.

The computer program would do a first pass where it checked each particular dating unit (single, couple, group) versus every other dating unit to see if they were compatible.

Then, it would run the search algorithm and generate a schedule, assigning each date to a particular location.

The good news is that running this program took only a couple minutes, including printing time.

I helped him with the programming and I yell at people during the event to get them to do things.

My partner Jen and her boyfriend have been logistical support, registering people, doing the data entry, setting up and taking down, and so on. None of us has any prior experience holding speed dating events.

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First off, the organized polyamory community in our area has a lot of queer folks.

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