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Still, here are a few signs that I think indicate that the guy you are dating could be a womanizer: He doesn’t let you check his phone: I am all for personal space and I am not talking about inspecting his phone but if he gets furious when you touch his phone or keeps his phone locked it is likely that he is hiding things from you. His social media accounts: An overly secure account is an indication that wants to hide things from you.

Moreover, if he refrains from posting pictures with you especially if he doesn’t have a solid reason for that, you must really rethink everything.

To hover over him or to call and text him repeatedly (without his response) will drive him away from you. But do recognize it if his pattern is to disappear with no word for stretches of time and then pretend as if nothing odd occurred.

Is his phone constantly buzzing with texts from other women whom he claims are “just friends?

It could be that your date is eager and available or it could be he’s just telling you what you want to hear to keep up a facade.

Watch what happens after your date makes a promise.

However, it might seem difficult to spot at womanizer as there are no guidelines.But if you see that he’s looking too long and/or inappropriately at other women, this could mean that he’s keeping his options open.When there’s no thought and little consideration of your invitation or request and he gives an instant “yes,” beware.So, you’ve met this great guy and you two have been spending some time together. A “womanizer” is generally thought to be a heterosexual guy who wants nothing to do with commitment. When you’re hoping dates with the right guy will turn into a committed relationship, being with someone who is only interested in having a good time will inevitably lead to disappointment and emotional pain for you.

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