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Accommodating company

(e.g., identified software such as a Screen Reader is not compatible with existing equipment).Health Care or Rehabilitation Professional: A person who has completed a course of study and is licensed to practice in a field of health care, which includes the diagnosis and assessment of the particular disability or disabilities in question.It may be provided to an employee (not an applicant) who, because of a disability, can no longer perform the essential functions of her current job, with or without reasonable accommodation.A reassignment is made only to a vacant position that the EEOC has authorized to be filled at the time of the accommodation request and intends to fill.

Invisible/Hidden Impairments: Disabilities or conditions that are not obviously apparent or visible, such as asthma, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, epilepsy, kidney disease, diabetes, cancer, HIV infection, chronic depression, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, and mild intellectual disability.

Undue Hardship: Undue hardship means that an employer would incur significant difficulty or expense in providing a certain reasonable accommodation.

made on a case-by-case basis, considering such factors as the nature and net costs of the accommodation, the overall financial resources of the EEOC, and the impact of the accommodation on the operation of the agency, including the impact on the EEOC's ability to conduct business.

Where possible, reassignment is to an equivalent position, but if no equivalent position is available, may be to a lower level position that is as close as possible to the employee's current position.

If the employee is qualified for such a position and the agency chooses to offer it as an accommodation, the employee will be reassigned to the new job and will not have to compete for it.

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This process begins upon receipt of an oral or written request for reasonable accommodation.

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