3x lifetime dating sex

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Sean emphasizes communication, passion, self exploration, patience, and love.His research and advice offers something for everyone.However, note to all :younger people under 21 and even 25 in some cases, sex is not a joke it is wonderful but you should know what you need and want before you even think about having sex with anyone, you can not revirginize yourself!Especially if you want to have a lasting relationship, and again I may be old school but I have never married because I want it to be genuinely a lifetime and I will not live unhappily nor should anyone!Podcast is...fine, but if you sign up for the website or newsletter, Sean sends you ads for his Clickbank products.Products like “Learn the 3 phrases to text that will make any man addicted to you.” Completely gross.I thought I knew everything not realizing my sex life in my 2 year relationship was becoming boring.I’ve been listening to your podcasts and surprising him with these new techniques and he’s going nuts we are hungry for each other and it feels really special.

This information being mainstream is a long time coming.

Many times I’ve felt the conversation is just sean asking questions and not allowing a speaker to finish their thought without imposing his own beliefs.

I’ve read through some of the comments and to the women that are creeped out by Sean’s voice or the fact that it’s a male host giving this advice, this is why you may stay stuck with your discomfort toward sexual knowledge.

I seriously never listen to podcasts wasn’t really my thing, I am a 37 year old woman that is kinda old school I love to just have a physical book; however I found you by looking for better ways to deep throat my man and while I can not afford the book I very much enjoy your podcasts and I think it’s very cool that someone is finally talking about the importance that sex has in a relationship.

That it’s not dirty or shameful or something that young men and women should be growing up ashamed of but rather be empowered by it.

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makes me feel that he doesn't care the guest, I thought the girl is the interviewer's friend...only want all the painful stories out of her for the podcast... I highly recommend listening by yourself or together with your partner!! My husband much appreciates it ;) Thank you for all that you are doing ❤️This is a great podcast.

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