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Bernard Chizwengeya the parastatal’s business development manager told New that there are also overdue maintenance procedures required on most infrastructure some dating back to six years.“Munyati Power Station was built in 1946 with an installed capacity of 120, Harare Power Station was installed in 1947 with capacity to generate 75 MW now it has shut down waiting re powering and Bulawayo Power Station commissioned between 1947 with an installed capacity of 120 megawatts,” Chizengeya said.For information regarding the subsequent cask loading inspection at SONGS that occurred in September 2018, please see Special Inspection Activities Regarding Cask Loading Misalignment.The following milestones are tentative and offered to promote an understanding of the key events that will occur as the SONGS continues through the decommissioning process. The milestones provided apply to both Units 2 and 3 unless otherwise noted.“I have mentioned the commissioning dates of thermal power station because it has a life span of 35 years so Bulawayo, Harare and Munyati Power Stations has so far exceeded.” He added; “I think there are in their 70s if it was human being you can imagine, so two 35 years span is what we have gone through hence the problem we are experiencing is low generation on the small thermals.” Zimbabwe is facing its greatest power challenges since majority rule 39 years ago due to poor maintenance and lack of investment in infrastructure with Kariba Dam the country biggest hydro-power supplier facing closure due to water levels attributed to climate change.

“So you can see ripple effects, customers are not paying ZETDC, ZPC is producing power selling to ZETDC and ZETDC to customers who intend are not paying,” the senior official said.

EDF Energy hold regular meetings (Local Liaison Council or LLC) with local people, the media, council and emergency services pepresentatives and local politicians to maintain regular communications about the nuclear site.

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Our visitor centre has an interactive exhibition where you can find out more about nuclear power generation.

We also offer pre-booked tours of the power station and it's all free of charge.

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